Long Beach & 21st Apartments

The intention of Long Beach and 21st is not just to provide housing but to also offer a sense of community and facilitate social ties. The project is developed with a clear distinction between apartments and special programmatic functions located in a pedestrian-scale animated volume. The units are efficiently placed on a double loaded corridor open on both ends to light and views of Long Beach. Among the common areas there is interplay between public and private space; the design of building and landscape encourage interaction among residents and the larger neighborhood through easily accessible communal spaces and a front porch garden. The backyard is a “car park” with a collection of distinctive trees that shade the walking path, benches and serve to obscure the parking providing a serene atmosphere.

Client:                  Meta Housing Corporation and PATH Ventures
Location:             2114 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, CA
Size:                     40,000 GSF (27,000 Res NSF)
Units:                   41 Senior Affordable Housing (incl. 15 Formerly Homeless, 6 Special Needs)
Density:               54 du/ac
Funding:              9% Tax-Credits, Housing Vouchers, MHSA
Awards:                2016 Gold Nugget, Best Senior Housing Community
Sustainability:     LEED Gold Certified
Status:                 Completed Spring 2015