ALTA 5550

Located in the heart of historic Hollywood, the site contained two existing historic buildings that were required to remain; one building remained in its entirety while the façade of the other building remained.  The challenge was to incorporate the existing historic features into the project design while accommodating the proposed amenity-rich architectural program on the site.  To accomplish this, the architectural design drew from the typical 1920’s apartment building / hotel plan of U-shaped courts that enable units to access ample light and air.  The market rate apartments are geared toward young professionals, appealing to freelancers who work from home in Hollywood.  The amenities include a pool, gym, screening room, yoga studio and spinning studio.  The existing historic buildings set the locations for the project’s two courtyards, one designed to be vibrant and active, the other quiet and serene.  The active courtyard, designed for socializing and holding events, offers the swimming pool and BBQ’s and complements the adjacent interior program including kitchen, gathering space and lounge areas.  The quiet courtyard, geared toward residents working from home, offers work pods with small conference tables.  The adjacent interior program includes a quiet reading area and conference rooms available for reservation.

Client:       Wood Partners
Location:  5550 W. Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Units:        280 Market Rate Housing plus 14,200 sq. ft. retail
Size:          404,800 GSF (172,100 Res NSF)
Density:    147 du/ac
Cost:         $53,000,000 ($125 per GSF)
Funding:   Private Funding
Status:      In Construction