ALTA 5550

As Los Angeles densifies working in an infill condition becomes the norm. Conceptually, the design re-stitches the urban fabric, it weaves through historic, current, and new buildings alike. The resulting design includes mimicked forms from the historic buildings, while updating the contexts material palette. Given the projects proximity to the historic buildings, the design intent respects the past by setting the new mass of the building back, but still grows in scale recognizing the housing needs of the vibrant city.

Client:       Wood Partners
Location:  5550 W. Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Units:        280 Market Rate Housing plus 14,200 sq. ft. retail
Size:          404,800 GSF (172,100 Res NSF)
Density:    147 du/ac
Cost:         $53,000,000 ($125 per GSF)
Funding:   Private Funding
Status:      In Construction