Buckingham Senior Apartments

Buckingham is the second phase of an existing senior affordable housing project, currently consisting of one building, an adjacent garden and on-grade parking.  The challenge of the project was to respond to various existing conditions:  an oddly-shaped site, the first phase building, a triangular-shaped courtyard, an on-grade parking lot that doubles as fire department access, and a minimal street frontage exposure of the second phase building.  Additionally, for the second phase building, the specific plan allowed only a two-story height for the first 50’ in plan from the front property line.  In response to the various site conditions and code requirements, the proposed building necessitated a faceted condition; it has seven sides.  In order to tie the various facets / facades together experientially, a ribbon concept was devised.  The ribbon wraps the building, moving up and down the façade, using the exterior stair wells to shift from floor to floor, enabling it to wind its way around the building.  The landscape design concept is to expand on the existing garden, creating an expanded central outdoor gathering area to be shared by the residents of both buildings.  A central lawn, slightly raised on a plinth, serves as the central gathering space.  It is surrounded by various program areas including BBQ area, picnic tables, and lounge area, through which a walking path traverses as a circuit.  The building program includes an entry lobby, offices for social service providers, community room sized to accommodate the population of both buildings, fitness room, game room, and computer / reading room.

Client:       Meta Housing Corporation
Location:  4018 Buckingham Road, Los Angeles, CA
Units:        130 Senior Affordable Housing
Size:          94,330 GSF (74,370 Res NSF)
Density:    87 du/ac
Status:      In Design