Anchor Place

Anchor Place is the 2nd Phase on the CVC campus that aims to follow and expand upon the successful example of the Cabrillo Gateway project. The community rooms, bike center, and supportive services offices are glazed pavilions located to support engagement. The problem with many multistory apartment buildings is that they don’t promote interaction with neighbors on different floors. The placement of the laundry rooms, common areas and courtyards encourage moments where people can get together, socialize and be a community. The building considers the scales of community- city, village, building, neighbors- by stepping, lowering building volumes, and material changes reduce the scale towards the village. The design has four wings creating three decks and these courtyards are extensions of the existing pedestrian system. The hybrid building form connects it to the village by completing the definition of plazas with the adjacent context. An east-west pedestrian axis from Cabrillo Gateway extends to this phase to promote interaction at the scale of the village.

Client:              Century Villages at Cabrillo
Location:         2000 River Ave. Long Beach CA 90610
Units:               120 plus 10,000 sq. ft. community space & social services offices
Size:                 142,266 GSF (106,811 Res NSF)
Density:           40 du/ac
Cost:                $32,000,000 ($225 per GSF)
Funding:          9% Tax Credits, VASH Vouchers, AHSC Program-ICP Project
Awards:           2018 AIA/LA Residential Architecture Award                                                                                                 2018 PCBC Gold Nugget Grand Award, Best Affordable Housing Community                                               2018 Los Angeles Architectural Award (LABC)                                                                                             2016 APA Los Angeles Opportunity and Empowerment
                         2016 APA California Opportunity and Empowerment
Sustainability: LEED Mid-Rise Pilot Homes Platinum Certified
Status:             Completed Fall 2017