Arbor Lofts

The first urban infill project aimed to revitalize the city of Lancaster’s downtown area; the units are set aside for artists. This notion – artists as urban pioneer- serves as the catalyst for programming that includes a community art gallery, outdoor gallery, and outdoor court. The gallery takes a prominent position at the sidewalk to attract visitors by displaying residents’ artwork. Multiple use of outdoor gallery and storefront spaces lend themselves to events for the community to share in. The courtyard is conceived as a semi-public space open to the sidewalk and serves as an extension of the exhibition space with display boxes and benches. Each townhouse is designed with a studio space for the artists. Since its opening in September 2009, the City has commissioned the construction of a museum/gallery next door and many other developments and businesses have opened.

Client:       In-Site Development
Location:  665 W. Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster, CA
Units:        21
Size:          54,100 GSF (36,500 NSF)
Density:    30 du/ac
Cost:         $5,600,000 ($104 per GSF)
Funding:   9% Tax Credits, City of Lancaster
Awards:    2010 AIA/HUD, Secretary’s Award
Status:      Completed 2009