Long Beach & Burnett Apartments

In the last few decades Long Beach Boulevard had steadily declined leaving empty lots and underutilized commercial and residential buildings. The project was conceived as a public/private partnership to provide affordable family housing in this mixed-use, transit-oriented environment in need of a prototype for the revitalization of the distressed urban corridor. The design responded to the challenges of the Planned Development District by providing a richly varied pedestrian experience while presenting a larger scale commercial, mixed-use character in scale with the boulevard. The assortment of apartment typologies- two story townhouses, standard flats and cottages- add resident diversity and promote different moments of interaction. The townhouses have an entry stoop that activates the public sidewalk and encourage use of the rail line, while the cottages are accessed through the shared courtyard. Within the two-story entry porch is a terraced garden that visually connects the interior courtyard to the sidewalk. The Community Room is located at the main corner of the site, enclosed with storefront-glazing, to engage the public and have the character of a mixed-use commercial corner.

Client:         Meta Housing Corporation
Location:    2355 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, CA
Units:          46 (80% affordable, 20% market rate)
Size:            91,400 GSF (50,000 NSF)
Density:      62 du/ac
Cost:           $10,800,000 ($118 per GSF)
Funding:     9% Tax Credits, Long Beach Housing Development Corporation
Awards:      2011 Compass Blueprint Award, Southern California Association of Governments
                   2011 Gold Nugget, Best Affordable Project
                   2011 Apartment's Association Affordable Housing Project of the Year
Status:       Completed 2010