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Raised in Western Canada, I initially studied architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art. During this time, I took the opportunity to experience European culture and participate in several design workshops with Nordic architects Rintala Eggertsson who impressed on me the importance of local context, simplicity, and modesty in architecture. Prior to joining The Architects Collective, I completed graduate school at Cal Poly Pomona.

I am interested in landscape urbanism as the organizing and connective fabric of public space. In my spare time, you can find me exploring the mountains, deserts and beaches of Southern California and beyond.


During my architecture studies at Woodbury University I had the opportunity to visit the “Favelas” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was exposed to this informal city trying to create infrastructure where there wasn’t any. A neighborhood with so much human energy that with proper support could begin to bring new opportunities.

That experience set me on my way to enrich people’s lives through architectural practice. I joined TAC to make a difference in people’s lives, but specifically to bring them joy. An opportunity to create a unique and inspiring home led me to discover my passion for interior design and its emotional connection to people. Throughout my career I’ve collaborated with likeminded people to create spaces that will not only evoke the participation of its residents but nurture their lives.

When I am away from my design work, you can find me playing beach volleyball, rock climbing, and enjoying nature.




Growing up as a military brat meant that my family and I didn’t have a place to call our own; however, it gave us the chance to travel and develop an appreciation for diversity in people, culture and architecture.  Upon high school graduation, I followed in my father’s footsteps and enlisted in the United States Army. After finishing my tour of duty, I came home to California and chose to pursue Architecture at Rio Hondo College.

During my last year of study, I entered the labor force wielding a strong work ethic and a desire for a successful beginning to my architectural career.  Eventually, I moved on to work with the architects of SLSD (Space Light Structure Design) where I was further educated on the principles of design, professionalism and attention to detail.  Today with TAC, I am proud that my service comes full circle as we strive to better the lives of veterans and their families.

Personal architectural favorites of mine include the Colosseum (Italy), Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Mexico).  I enjoy writing, listening to rap music and spending time with my wife and kids.

Carla Cortes

As a Los Angeles Native, I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of the city’s urban fabric and settings that produce architecture both visually stimulating and socially advantageous. I studied architecture at Syracuse University where I participated in the NYC Study Program, taught by Jing Liu of So-Il design, and the study abroad Florence program. These experiences have influenced my design work such that I approach projects with sensitivity, good humor and flexibility. I joined The Architects Collective in 2016 and I’m grateful to be engaged in the challenge of integrating urban socioeconomic, ecological and political forces into design.  In my spare time, I’m quite literally running around the city or passing the time with my clan of dachshund. 


I was in raised in Western Canada, spending my winters in hockey rinks and summers at the lake. I studied architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland where I developed my understanding of design and participated in several workshops with Norwegian architects Rintala Eggertsson who taught me the importance of local context, simplicity, and modesty in architecture.

Returning home, I contributed to a variety of projects including the Arviat Hamlet Council in Nunavut, Canada. Prior to joining TAC I attended graduate school at Cal Poly Pomona where my thesis project focused on the redesign of suburbia with a community market as it's focal point.

I am involved in all stages of project design; from the earliest concepts to the problem solving of construction. I am interested in landscape urbanism as the organizing and connective fabric of public space. During my spare time, I stay active and enjoy exploring the mountains, deserts and beaches of Southern California. 


I was born and raised in beautiful Tehran, Iran. In my youth, I was no stranger to sketching, sculpture, and photography, but my love for architecture began in drafting and architecture history electives.  I completed my bachelor’s degree of industrial design that led me to an interior/furniture design firm where I focused on residential and commercial projects.  I followed my interest and passion for architecture and design and moved to the U.S. to pursue my Master of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. 

At Cal Poly, I took on exciting projects including a new urban car factory in Los Angeles.  While I attended the study abroad course in China I researched traditional Hutong housing.Following graduation, I knew that I wanted to work for a firm that practices social responsibility and I became a part of The Architects Collective team.