PATH Villas Hollywood

The project, conceived as a permanent home for formerly homeless individuals with special needs, is located on a triangular-shaped site directly adjacent to Highway 101 / the Hollywood Freeway in a multi-unit residential neighborhood in Los Angeles.  This unique closeness to the freeway and its immediate adjacencies generates constraints and opportunities for the project, all of which influence the design.  The closeness to the freeway necessitates a buffer between residents and the constant motion, lights and sounds of the freeway.  Located on a three-sided lot, the massing is pushed outwards toward the property lines, creating a central courtyard space that opens onto Fernwood Ave and Hwy. 101 beyond.   An ephemeral screen reflects external forces of movement, light, and sound, while simultaneously enabling visibility to the views of Hollywood beyond.  The central courtyard is anchored by common gathering spaces and balanced with outdoor living spaces which are sheltered by the cantilevered structure overhead.  A landscaped roof deck enables social interaction, enjoyment and reflection. 

Client:              Path Ventures
Location:         5627 Fernwood
Units:               60 units of permanent supportive housing
Size:                 45,600 SF
Status:             In Design