Metro at Western

At Metro Western, we began with three stories of densely packed apartment stock placed over a ground level parking podium. The typical residential levels feature open-ended corridors to provide cross ventilation down the length of the building. External forces push and pull on the massing, refining its form, with a roof deck on the south end of the structure and an overhanging front façade, allowing for a green landscaped corridor at the pedestrian level.

A narrow, protected courtyard adjoins the backside of the building on the second level, providing a landscaped safe area that is lifted above the podium level and sheltered from public view. Circulation towers anchor the project, framing the main entrance at the south end and creating relief to the façade at the north end.

The main façade can be read as a white canvas or billboard punctuated with randomized openings. The façade angles away from your eye with shading fins projecting from the sides of the windows, interacting with the environment and creating a pixelating effect that pops with color.

Client:              Meta Housing
Location:         3671 S. Western Ave
Units:               33 Affordable Housing (16 special needs, 16 family, 1 manager)
Size:                 48,775 SF
Status:             In Design