Lancaster Museum of Art and History

Located in the historic core of Lancaster, the Museum of Art and History is a public-private partnership between the City of Lancaster and a private developer.  The project aims to advance the revitalization of the historic core of Lancaster and engage the community with the addition of a cultural landmark that brings exhibitions, events and educational programming to the city and region.  While the owner’s original intent was to transform an existing bank building into the museum, the analysis indicated that the scale of the existing building wasn’t well suited to a museum program.  The recommendation was to demolish the existing and design a new building well-suited to the display of art, event and educational programming presented by the museum.  The design is a set of polarities, solid / static and void / dynamic; therefore, two distinct types of areas comprise the museum:  solid volumes devoted to the personal viewing of art and glazed volumes devoted to circulation, educational and social spaces.  Art gallery spaces are contained within the solid volumes organized by naturally lit circulation corridors that slice through the building.  The program includes a glowing glass event space on the roof which serves as a beacon at the main intersection within the city and opens to a roof deck befitting catered gatherings.  The front colonnade adopts space over the sidewalk and encourages engagement with the city.

        City of Lancaster, Parks, Recreation & Arts Dept
Description: Art Museum
Location:     665 W. Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster, CA
Area:            20,225 net sf, 31,975 gross sf
                     6,380 existing gross sf, 25,595 new gross sf
Cost:            $4.6 million
Funding:     New Market Tax Credits/ City Redevelopment Funds
Awards:       2013 Los Angeles Business Council Civic Award
Status:        Completed 2012