Normandie Terrace

Sited on a long and exceptionally narrow site that spans the city block, Normandie Terrace is located in the heart of high-density Koreatown.  The project is 100% affordable, with a mix of two- and three-bedroom units dedicated to larger families.  The program also includes two common areas, a community room and an interior courtyard with a children’s play area.  The challenge of the project combines the narrowness of the site, which constrains options for arranging the program of the building, with a 270’ long, five-story southern exposure elevation prominently seen from the adjacent street.  Glazed on two sides, the community room is the public face to the street, and opens onto the courtyard, serving as a bridge between the neighborhood and the resident community.  Activities in the courtyard are visible from the street through the community room.  The façade is animated by creating a rhythm of vertical stripes alternating between solid and transparent.  Sun shades provide an additional layer of interest:  first, all windows have a horizontally-oriented sun shade which improves energy efficiency, and second, vertically-oriented orange glass panels provide a play of projected orange light that moves with the sun.  Ultimately, the façade design is composed of static and moving elements of light and shade that enable people to experience different images on the façade of the building throughout the day.  

Client:              American Communities
Location:         540 South Normandie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Units:               66 Family Affordable Housing
Size:                106,000 GSF (63,450 NSF)
Density:           103 du/ac
Cost:                $12,900,000 ($122 per GSF)
Funding:          9% Tax Credit, CRA/LA, LAHD
Sustainability: LEED Platinum Certified
Status:             Completed 2012